Examples of Personalised Old Maps

On this page you can find a lot of photos of personalised street maps made by The Unique Maps Co.

These maps are generally focused on a specific address, but some customers just want a map that covers a specific region, county or landmark.

I always use authentic 'base maps' from each country, so the maps can look quite different from each other. The British Ordnance Survey map looks very different from the French La carte de l'état-major, which in turn looks very different from a United States Geological Survey Topology map.

You can use these images for inspiration. If you want your map to look like one on this page, just let me know when you order. Or if you want something completely different — an old map in a modern frame? an old map and modern map side by side? — then that's totally fine too. Every map is handmade to order, so don't be afraid to request whatever you desire.

You can click an image to zoom in.

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As always, contact me if you have any questions about my handmade personalised maps.

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