Old maps on canvas, cotton rag, and other materials

The Unique Maps Co. can create beautiful old maps on a wide range of materials, including canvas, cotton rag, foam board, aluminium and even self-adhesive vinyl.

My 3 standard finishes are 200gsm matte paper, framed maps and framed canvas maps. See some examples.

If you would like to order a map in one of these exotic or custom finishes, I recommend you contact me and I will put together a custom invoice for you.

How to order an exotic finish map

Alternatively, you can select the exotic finish before you add the map to your basket. Then I will contact you after you order to finalise the details and collect any additional payment.

This page is focused on exotic materials that are not available directly from my shop. You need to  to order a map on one of these different materials. I will put together a custom order for you.

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Framed canvas maps are one of my standard finishes. But I can also sell you a rolled canvas map - a map printed on canvas, and then rolled up and stored in a tube.

The one compromise with canvas is that its texture reduces the level of detail on the map. This isn't an issue at larger sizes, but it does impact legibility on smaller prints.

You cannot order rolled canvas directly from my shop. Please contact me and I'll send you a custom invoice.

Learn more about my framed canvas maps.

Jigsaw puzzles

You may be surprised to learn (or not) that a lot of "map people" are also "jigsaw puzzle people".

Most of my maps can be prepared as jigsaw puzzles in varying sizes, from small 30-piece puzzles all the way up to 1,000 pieces and beyond!

As always, just get in touch if you would like a jigsaw puzzle map. The cost is reasonable - a little more expensive than my usual unframed maps.


I bet you've often wondered if you could have an old map flag... flapping gracefully in the wind... no? You haven't?

Oh, well, anyway... I can print lovely maps on fabric. This can be a very cost effective solution if you put a hanging baton across the top.

Get in touch if you'd like to talk about a fabric map.

Cotton rag

Cotton rag is essentially just very high quality paper. Usually it has a bit more texture than 'normal' paper. It is generally very thick and heavy. Cotton rag is also quite a lot more expensive than printing on my normal paper.

If you are framing the map behind glass or acrylic, you won't notice much difference from cotton rag.

If you want a printed map but don't intend to frame it, then cotton rag can be a good option.

Foam board

Another method of presenting a map without a frame is on foamboard (also known as foamcore). Foamcore is totally rigid and can stand up on its own. But it is not rugged - it will still easily break if someone hits it or it falls onto the floor.

If you want an old map as a reference - for a historical book you are reading, perhaps - then getting it on foam board is much more cost effective than framing and obviously has no glare at all, as there's no glass or acrylic!

Self-adhesive vinyl

It might be surprising, but it's also possible to print very high quality maps on self adhesive vinyl.

These are "peel and stick" pieces of vinyl that you can put on glass, your wall, your car... anything really.

Old maps on self-adhesive vinyl is an excellent idea if you are decorating an office or retail space.


For the ultimate non-framed option, consider aluminium board! Known under the trademarks Dibond or AluPanel, printing on aluminium is perfect for outdoor applications or for really large maps that are beyond the limits of conventional framing.

The finish on aluminium is surprisingly good, and high resolution as well. Usually I would use a matte finish, but glossy is an option as well.

The pricing is a bit higher for aluminium printing, but not exorbitantly so.

The image at the top of this page is an example of what an old map printed on aluminium looks like.


Believe it or not, I have printed a few old maps onto scarves! I can print on muslin, silk, polyester - they all make for lovely scarves and shawls at quite different price points.

If you really want to "wear" your local area, then an old map on a scarf is a lovely way to do that.

Other options

These are just a few of the materials that I can print old maps on.

Generally, it is possible nowadays to get very high quality results on almost any material. PVC banners, fabric, even flags.

I can even make old map jigsaw puzzles. And I already sell old map wallpaper!

Get in touch if you've got something in mind or want to discuss the possibilities.

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