How I find, restore and sell the best old maps in the world

I sell the finest old maps in the world.

I always start by sourcing the finest maps from national libraries, archives and private collections around the world.

Sometimes it takes me months to track down the the best or rarest versions of each map so that I can restore, customise and sell beautiful prints of them.

Many maps for sale on The Unique Maps Co. have been in private collections since they were first published 200, 300 or even 400 years ago. This is the first time that they've been restored and made available to buy.

I spend hours, sometimes days on every single map to make sure that it's perfect - and if you order a custom map, I'll spend another few hours customising and modifying the map to your exact specification.

I only use the highest quality printers and best inks to create your map. The map you get will be beautiful - something that's worth putting on the wall of your study or office, or given as a thoughtful gift to someone who might appreciate a fine map.

And of course, I ship out my maps in high quality sustainable packaging that will protect your Unique Map and ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

That's how Unique Maps are made.

Now learn more about The Unique Maps Co., or about how my customised and personalised maps are made.

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